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Fusion Song - Sleeper - Opening Melody Pt.1

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Here we go then! The first bar of this tune is in 7/8 meaning we have seven 8th notes per bar. After this we're straight into 5/8 in bar two and for the rest of this section. Take note of the common rhythmic theme at the beginning of each bar. This kind of phrasing, using common rhythmic ideas, ties our phrases and melodies together creating a sense of whole over a longer period of time.

The main things to watch for here are getting the rhythms spot on and watching your intonation and timing with the bends.

If you don't have much experience reading rhythms such as these make sure to watch the video a few times to get the phrases into your head before playing them.

Make sure to refer to the TAB at the end of the tutorial if you want to play this in standard tuning.

Next onto part two of the opening melody!

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