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Fusion Song - Sleeper - Opening Melody Pt.2

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Okay! Now onto the second half of the opening melody. Here we start by doubling the melody in the bass and synth part. Watch out for the long position change slide at the start of bar 11.

Bars 14 and 15 involve a very quick economy picked descending line based around a Gminor Pentatonic Scale and an ascending legato line on a G# melodic minor scale. For the descending line try to remain relaxed and follow the picking directions and pulloffs to achieve a smooth sound. You may also notice that this line is grouped in 5 note groupings. This kind of rhythmic grouping works particularly well with pentatonic scales. Make sure to accent the first note of each grouping as indicated in the TAB.

For the legato line I don't use the pick at all. I pluck the first note of each new string very lightly with my middle finger on my right hand. This approach gives a very consistent sound between the legato notes and the picked notes creating a smoother sound. The last bend is hammered on, not picked, giving a very 'synth' like sound to the end of the line as if a pitch bend wheel had been applied.

Refer to the TAB at the end of the tutorial for the standard tuned version!

As a final note, rest assured I well be re-recording this video at the soonest opportunity so you can see what I'm doing at the end of the legato run! Sorry about that! Didn't want you guys to have to wait any longer for a tutorial!

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