Slide Guitar - "Experimental" Slide

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Slide Guitar - Separating Lead Lines pt.2

This final chapter deals with some more experimental slide techniques. Many slide players play slide above the range of the fret board to access notes normally unavailable for them. Duane Allman, Jeff beck, Derek Trucks are some of the names. Brett Garsed is yet another. To have these notes ring out clearly you often need louder volumes and some gain. Check out Live at Ronnie Scott’s with Jeff Beck for some great off the wall slide playing.

Another thing to experiment with is microtonal slide, by microtonal I mean finding all the notes in between our normal chromatic 12-tone scale. This is very common in eastern music, where the octave might be divided into any number of notes, say 9 or 17, and the notes are unevenly spaced therein, creating notes that lay in between our scale notes. Trying to find these pitches requires that you use your ear  even more finely than before, and also listen to some fretless players, (like the Turkish Ud) to mimic their note choices.