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Playing over Changes Pt 2 - Locrian Natural 9 Chords

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Our penultimate chord type is based on a min7b5 chord, also known as a locrian chord. The difference here is that the melodic minor version of this chord contains a natural 9 and is the 6th chord of melodic minor.

Since the chord would normally take a locrian scale, we simply play a locrian mode and sharpen the 9th (2nd) interval. This gives us the characteristic melodic minor sound.

The chord symbol would be written from G as Gmin7b5nat9.

The scale will also work in a modal context over any min7b5 chord. You decide whether to play the natural 9 or the sharpened 9.

Here's the chart!

Chord Scale
Min7b5nat9 Locrian natural 9
Min7b5 Locrian/Locrian natural 9
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