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Playing over Changes Pt 2 - Maj7#5 Chords

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Our next chord is very common in fusion and jazz music and has a very attractive but dark sound. It's called a Major7 #5 chord and is the III chord from the melodic minor scale.

The scale required to play over this chord is a Lydian Augmented scale which, as the name suggests, is a lydian scale with a sharpened 5th. This is the 3rd mode of the melodic minor scale.

Here's the chart with the scale/chord relationships.

Chord Scale
Maj7#5 Lydian Augmented (from the root of chord)

Lydian Augmented (from the root of chord)

Augmented Triad (+) Lydian Augmented (from the root of chord)
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