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Playing Over Changes Pt 2 - Motifs Closing Comments

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Now, when using motifs to play through chord changes you must remember that this is only an exercise and were you to play a complete solo this way, with very little rhythmic variation, you'd ultimately end up sounding like an exercise. Therefore, use this method to develop the ability to play motivically through changes so that you can do so when required. It's a great element to have in your playing.

The final thing I'd like to talk about in this tutorial is the idea of anticipating chord changes to add interest to your changes playing.

Anticipation of chord changes means playing over a chord change that hasn't actually occurred yet. Sounds weird but it really works to create tension and release and add harmonic interest to your soloing.

For example, in our previous video you might be playing over the A7sus4 chord and change to the Bb7#11 a beat or 2 beats before it actually occurs, thus anticipating the chord change and creating some tension and release.

Check out in the next video how this sounds.

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