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Tutorial - The Lens of Clarity
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The Lens of Clarity - Performance

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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Hey everyone!

In this tutorial we'll be learning a portion of one of my songs called "The Lens of Clarity". It's a heavy yet very melodic piece with a bunch of atmosphere/synth stuff. I hope you enjoy it!

This song was originally composed with a much lower tuning (down to A on a 7-string), but in this tutorial I've transcribed it on a 6-string in Drop D Tuning. So if you have a 6-string guitar, all you'll have to do is lower your Low E-string down a full step down to D. For more details on Drop D Tuning, see this lesson.

If there's one thing I'd want you to keep in mind as you practice these riffs, it's this: PLAY TIGHT! Your playing needs to be extremely tight in order to bring these riffs to life. Just as form is important with any sport, so is your form when playing guitar. Practice slowly, and gradually increase speed when you're confident that your technique is proper and you're achieving the correct sound when you play. No shortcuts!

Once you've listened to the song, head on over to the next video so we can start tackling the first riff!

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