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6/8 Rock Ballad w/Solo - Performance

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Hello all! For this lesson I wrote a little rock ballad primarily using the 6/8 time signature. Not sure about time signatures? Check out this lesson.

The intro is pretty basic. When playing, be sure you can hear the 6/8 beat behind the music. You can count "1 and 2 and 3 and" or simply "1 2 3 4 5 6". You're essentially counting six 8th notes per measure.

Now to the fun part! The solo has some brief arpeggios. Play them slowly and cleanly. There is also a lot of legato with hammer-ons and slides. Be sure to give the lengthier notes some decent vibrato.

I like this riff because it has a 5/8 vibe looped over a 6/8 time signature. You're playing the exact same thing over and over, but every time a new 6/8 measure starts, the 5/8 riff is in a different place. I love riffs like this because it's a nice way to give variation so it doesn't sound the same in every measure.

When you're ready, head on over to the next page for the backing track!

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