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"Starting Here" Solo - Part 1

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"Starting Here" Solo - Performance "Starting Here" Solo - Part 2

The solo opens with a 7-position 5-string arpeggio pattern, which begins at the root of the key (Am), and ascends through every diatonic major, minor as well as diminished pattern up the fret-board. Beginning with Am, it ascends to a Bdim/G arpeggio, C major, D minor, E minor, F major and then 4 descending inversions of a G#dim arpeggio. A few things to note, with regards to the sweeping technique in particular, is that unlike most other techniques, this one is more about the notes that you DO NOT play as opposed to the ones you are. That meaning, if you aren’t muting properly, it’ll simply sound like a wall of cluttered harmony bleeding together. Make sure to incorporate your right hand palm as a mechanism for choking the notes immediately after playing them.