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Tutorial - Redemption
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Redemption - Exercise 3

Sean Conklin 456 lessons


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Here we have the chorus section.

The main trick we have to master in this exercise is our picking. As far as our picking motions, we'll be using alternate picking. However, it gets a little tricky since we're repeating a grouping of three notes on 2 different strings.

For example, the first 3 notes of the exercise go as follows: down on the E string, up on the A string, then down on the A string.

However, the next group of 3 notes will go as follows: up on the E string, down on the A string, then up on the A string.

So with every other grouping of three notes, you'll be starting with a different picking motion on the Low E string. The first grouping of three notes you'll start with a "down". Then the next grouping of three notes you'll start with an "up", and so on.

Practice this exercise very slowly so your picking hand can adjust properly. Make sure your picking stays clean. If it starts to get sloppy, slow it down and keep practicing.

Once you have all the exercises down, get ready for the backing track on the next page!

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