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Vibrato 101: Part 8 - Vibrato and Bending

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Bending and vibrato are pretty much like Love and Marriage, you don't see one without the other (to quote Sinatra). And having a good, stable, controlled and IN PITCH vibrato when bending is of course essential! In this first graph you see how a proper bend and vibrato should look (seems similar to the first one in part 1 right?)  It should sound the same, just at another target pitch.

However, a unique problem with bending and vibrato is that you can actually bend, and then drop the pitch below the target pitch as you do your vibrato, not keeping it above the line so to say. This is a very common mistake amongst beginners, and sometimes with those that have been at it for quite some time. Check the to hear just how bad this sounds =)


And, of course, is you add the "EKG" vibrato to that mix, your on real thin Vibrato-ice my friend!