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Tutorial - Sequencing
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A-Major 2-Octaves Sequencing Exercise

Pavel Denisjuk 37 lessons

In this lesson, we'll use same sequence as in the previous lesson from this tutorial but we'll extend the exercise to 2 octaves and we'll move it to A-Major to change the sounding of it a bit. My advice is as usual: don't go for the speed straight away. First work on playing it nice and clean. Below are the notes/tabs and again you can see that the sequence used here consists of 6 notes and again 6-tuplets. the last note I play in the video is not so important just because you can loop the exercise as long as you want so I didn't note/tab it. I played it in the video just to make a stop somewhere - you don't have to do it.

In the next lessons of this tutorial we will move away from 1 box and move around multiple scale boxes and also work not only on vertical but also on horizontal runs so you get to know fretboard better.

Before moving on, make sure you practice this lesson as it will help you to better nail next lessons.

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