The Chaos Lick - Part 2: Alternate Picking

Tutorial: The Chaos Lick
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The Chaos Lick - Part 1: Economy Picking

And now for something a little more familiar to guys like myself - alternate picking! Starting in bar 6, the technique switches to alternate with a series of Paul Gilbert-esque arpeggios. In bar 8, we descend through some 4-note-per-string chromatics that may cause some confusion. The reason being, we're playing through them in a triplet-feel, meaning four notes at a time with a three-note pulse. By the time you reach this section, however, the general "speed" with both hands will probably be set in stone, so don't worry about emphasizing the triplets through this section. Just play through it, and you should arrive on the other side just fine.

That's all for this tutorial, folks! Happy shredding!