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'Aftermath' by Rick Graham - Riff 4

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'Aftermath' by Rick Graham - Riff 3 'Aftermath' by Rick Graham - Riff 5

Now we get some really heavily textured stuff. I really enjoyed creating this section of the composition as it was more about achieving an effect than anything else, although the common thread is still there as we shall see.

We have three changes of meter within this section so it may take a little time for you to become comfortable with these surroundings. It is made easier by the fact that each meter change utilises the same 1/4 note pulse.

Remember the rhythmic figure in riff 2? Well here it is again but without the lower string. Using motifs within your compositions, be it melodic or rhythmic or otherwise, is a very useful tool to help you to attain a coherence throughout the piece. I always try to juxtapose the art of composing with language. As an example, during as conversation, you would very rarely digress immediately from one subject to the next. There is always a common theme within everyday conversation which naturally leads you from one topic to the next. Each topic, however different, is linked to the previous topic.

OK, almost there! Lets nail the last one, riff 5.