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Djent Series Part 2 - Rhythmic Displacement

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Djent Series Part 2 - 16th Note Offset

Alright, so let's get down to business with part II of last month's instalment; "Djent Series"!

An important element of djent metal is how the guitars and drums converse to create multiple meters, hence, "polymeter". There are tons of ways to implement odd groupings by accenting the guitar riff within the drums (or in a huge percentage of modern cases, MIDI). In this section, I hope to make you aware of this by offering a drum track that achieves more than one groove by changing the pulse. So, this time, it's about holding down the same meter while the drums take the rhythm in a different direction. Notice that what we're playing does not change - in fact - it's identical to a riff in part I in it's pulse of five.

The second pulse accents the first note of each grouping of 5 as the new "down beat".