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Djent Series Part 2 - 16th Note Offset

Chris Feener 256 lessons

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Let's take this whole rhythmic concept into awkward territory by playing a riff which holds a pulse of 17/16.

So let's analyze what is happening...

  • We'll be playing a meter of 17/16 over four measures of 4/4.
  • Due to the seventeen 16th notes, we're forcing ONE extra 16th note at the end of each new-pulse repetition.
  • The hi-hat cymbal is playing quarter notes with the snare on quarter-beat three of each bar; the kick drum is following our rhythm.
  • This means that we'll be falling in and out of "perfect" time with the hi-hat and snare as each measure will shift ahead ONE 16th. In other words, the new pulse will actually begin on the "and" or "second half" of an 8th note.

...Use this technique sparingly, as if not executed to near perfection, will produce sloppiness.

Bars 1-2 demonstrate the rhythmic pulse, written in an actual bar of 17/16.

Bars 3-6 demonstrate the same rhythmic pulse (17/16) over four measures of 4/4. Here's where things get tricky.

Again... Focus on the kick drum, as the continuous 8th note hi-hat groove will cause some confusion with the single 16th-note "shift".

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