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Keeping the Groove - Part 2a

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Keeping the Groove - Part 1 Keeping the Groove - Part 2b

In this part we'll get better acquainted with the riff we are going to improvise over, and the part of said riff which we will need to pay extra close attention to.

As you can see in the tab (and hear in the backing section), this is a fairly standard funk idea. It is notated here for guitar (for you to be more comfortable testing it out), whilst in the backing it is played in the bass octave.

What we want to focus on primarily is the very last segment of this riff, the sixteenth note figure which goes C#-C#-B-A-B-G. These are the notes which we want to learn by heart in various fingerings and positions all over the neck, so that we can nail it every time it rushes by when we improvise.