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Lateral Pentatonic Tapping - Part 3

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

Finally, in part three, we go through the last remaining boxes on our left hand.

Once you’ve have these down, then your real work begins. Now you need to try this in more keys, with different segments, and parts of the scale (or whole patterns as in part 1). Then, also try combining them with descending and ascending scale runs where your hands are closely together, perhaps only a box apart.

For an even greater challenge, try to superimpose different keys, so that you might as I did in the video play Ebm over Am. Another idea might be to keep the tonal “base” of Am, and alter the keys in which you play with your right hand. Or, you might keep a symmetrical pattern in your right, altering keys in your left, the sky’s the limit!

Keep the groove, and I’ll see you in another tutorial!

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