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Sequencing Pentatonics - Introduction

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Sequencing Pentatonics - Examples 1: a-b

Welcome to this tutorial on Sequencing Pentatonics!

A sequence, as I'm sure you know, is a group of notes played together in a specific order. Sequencing scales is very common in classical music, or classical inspired music such as Neoclassical Rock.

In this tutorial we will look at some examples of this approach in the pentatonic scale, using both a strict left hand, and a two-handed approach.

There are of course thousands of ways to play sequences like these, so these are more of an insight into how I usually use these sequences. They should however, still provide you with some new ideas.

Also, if you feel at all uncomfortable switching note values in these examples, please re-visit my previous tutorials on timing and note value variation.

Let's go!