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John Petrucci Speed Licks: Part II - Example 1

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John Petrucci Speed Licks: Part II - Example 2

In light of the new Dream Theater album, I thought I would teach another lick in the style of John Petrucci.

This time, the idea is quite simple. The toughest challenge will be playing the lick accurate, and up to speed. If you are a shredder 'in training', this is a fantastic lick for you to practice your alternate picking!



Pick every note, if you're looking for a sharp and controlled sound.

Start slow, work your way up to speed - use a metronome if you can play the lick, but want to increase your speed.


I personally hear this lick as being played over a B major chord. The scale in use is E harmonic minor.

Once you've had a taste of this idea, move on to the second lick.