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Funk Rhythm Guitar - Singe Notes + Octaves

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Funk Rhythm Guitar - Principles Funk Rhythm Guitar - Third + Seventh

All the examples in this tutorial are over the same II-V-I chord progression (Dm7-G7-Cmaj7). Here are the first 3 examples...

Example A
Single notes can often be enough. Here I use a note (C) that is common to all the chords and a little fill towards the end of the bars. The sound is created by using some heavy palm muting

Example B
Same as Example A but without the palm muting. Mute all other strings with your left hand so you can punch the strings with a lot of force and have no unwanted open strings ringing out.

Example C
Octaves are another another common cliché. I use my middle finger to mute the string that’s in between the two fretted strings.