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Tutorial - Funk in the Trunk
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Funk in the Trunk - Exercise 1

Beginner Rhythm Funk
Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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Make sure you keep an extremely tight rhythm sound with this riff as well as the remaining riffs in the piece. Funk music is all about groove and tight rhythm with the drums and bass. Drums and bass drive funk music, and guitar is icing on the cake. So always keep in mind that in funk music, the guitar playing is usually meant to react and add color to the drums and bass, not necessarily to be the main focus.

In this particular riff, really feel those quarter notes that the drums are emphasizing. See how my right hand makes those percussive mutes in between playing on the quarter notes? Doing that adds to the "pop" of the snare drum, which is a great funk guitar technique. In the tab, you can see the percussive mutes indicated by the "X" on the Low E string.

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