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Tutorial: Funk 101

Funk 101 - Example 4

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Funk 101 - Example 3 Funk 101 - Example 5

Example 4...

Not much to say about this one, other than what is covered in the video really. What we have here is a rhythm that is easier to get down than example no.3, but that contains a chord change. It’s not much of a chord change; it’s really more of an alteration. We start out with the A7 (dominant seventh, as mentioned previously). Then we add our pinky to the D, substituting the major third (C#) for the perfect fourth. This means that this chord is no longer neither major nor minor, but a suspended chord. To be precise, an A7sus4. These kind of alterations, just adding one note up or down, is very common in funk, so experiment with this, and see what kind of cool alterations you can up with.