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Tutorial: Funk 101

Funk 101 - Example 8

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Funk 101 - Example 7 Funk 101 - Funk Soloing: Bonus Round 1

Example 8, the final rhythm example, utilizes strictly 8th note triplets. This is a very uncommon approach to funk, and one I have personally never come across. But, referring back to ‘ol Zappa, I suggest you don’t knock ‘til you’ve tried it! It’s a very pimping groove indeed!

Once again, you have a different bass line here as well. You will find the backing tracks in the end of the tutorial.

So, that concludes this funk tutorial… not! You thought I would let you off the hook that easily did you?
Think again. Now that you have the rhythm in the pocket, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play some funky leads on top of this as well? Yes? Then turn that page, for the Funk 101 – Bonus Rounds!