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Tutorial - Tapped Arpeggios
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Tapped Arpeggios - Technique and Note Break-Down

Chris Feener 256 lessons

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This tutorial comes after receiving quite a few requests to tackle the subject: tapped arpeggios. We'll be analyzing the note sequences which will best highlight chord voicings, primarily focusing on major, minor, diminished and augmented for part 1.

So a few things before we get started...

1) Focus on cleanliness. The point of this technique is to offer a different perspective on playing arpeggios. We'll be covering tons of "ground" in short periods of time - you'll quickly notice that this technique is almost exclusively based around avoided notes, verses the fretted ones.

2) Focus on the arpeggio at hand. Since we'll be playing a maximum of three notes in various octaves and positions, the clearer we can phrase the harmonization, the better. For example, a major arpeggio should sound MAJOR, through and through - if you're playing notes that do not belong, it will lose it's effect.

So let's break-down the note sequences involved on a one-string basis. Get a feel for the sound of the arpeggios and the spread of the intervals.

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