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Tutorial - Starting to Pick
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Moving Between Strings - 3-strings Exercise / A-Major Scale

Pavel Denisjuk 37 lessons

When I was starting to practice guitar and technique, this was actually the first exercise I ever played. I practiced it for hours and hours each day (couldn't do any better back than). Unfortunately, in order to learn difficult stuff, we all have to practice simple 1-octave scales and boring exercises first.

This is a 1 octave A-Major scale and it is also one of the boxes you will use in your playing. There are 6 more boxes which we will cover in other lessons and all over the fretboard so for now don't bother yourself with other boxes and scales. This is just enough to start working on your picking.

Below are the notes and tabs for this exercise and the two dots in the end mean you have to repeat the whole peace. You can repeat is as long as you want.

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