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Djent Series Part 2 - Creating Layers

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Djent Series Part 2 - 16th Note Offset Djent Series Part 2 - Rhythmic Displacement Backin...

So, let's get back to some of the fundamentals of djent.

"Layering" is a very key aspect in this new wave of metal. With the heavy syncopation happening between bass, guitar and drums, layers offer the melodic sensibilities which grant environment and also produce some harmonic value for vocalists.

A fairly common form of layering in this style, is arpeggiated guitar lines - sometimes implementing a clean guitar sound, other times, with distortion or with added effects, but usually always using some form of delay and/or reverb.

We'll hear a chaotic underlay of djent goodness, with our new layer which demonstrates how djenters have been able to tame the complexity by adding a less percussive, but equally "less-cheesy" instrument to the mix.