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Triads - "Cybertron" Solo Demonstration

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Triads - Creating Lines and Solos Triads - "Cybertron" Solo Breakdown

Transcribe Solos

It’s important to “transcribe” (learn) solos in order to learn your instrument and develop you vocabulary as a soloist. So I chose a section of a tune I wrote to give you an example of how I use the elements of what we talked about to construct a solo that I feel proud of!

Learn The Solo

Keep in mind. When you learn a solo it isn't enough to lust be able to play it on your guitar. The objective should be to analyze the solo as well enough to where you can reproduce the same thing. Having this technique down has been the catalyst of so many musical careers.

 You need to know how your favorite guitar player is thinking. You’d be surprised to know just how simple things could turn out as you further you knowledge in this way.

 Just make sure to try and keep all these things in mind as you continue to learn this tune! Good Luck!