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Polyrhythmic Modulation: Introduction

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Polyrhythmic Modulation: Playthrough Polyrhythmic Modulation: How to Modulate Part 1

For this riff I am tuned to drop C tuning but you do not have to retune in order to play this riff or learn this concept.

You can simply use a C note on your standard tuned guitar or if you want to get creative you can use any harmonies around C.

This riff is sort of in the style of bands like Tesseract or Periphery (metal).

It's not the most complicated riff ever written but it does carry a weight.

We are just sticking on a C note and the most important thing is that we figure out what the right hand is doing which will be discussed in some of the following videos.

We will also learn how to correctly switch to a new tempo and how to figure out what that tempo will be.

Please follow me to the next videos!