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Tutorial - Skippin' Strings
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Skippin' Strings - Hybrid Technique

Chris Feener 256 lessons

A "cheap way out" (as I like to call it) to string skipping, is incorporating hybrid picking. Hybrid picking drastically decreases the amount of right hand movement as the need to shift the pick across numerous strings is now depleted. We  hover our pick over the lower string while allowing the middle finger of our right hand to pluck away at the higher strings as they come. So to begin, "Exercise 1" gets us on the right track with some 16th note triplets in A minor. Our pick remains near the low E string as our middle finger plucks the higher notes as they come, beginning with the high E, and lowering through each string until the G note on the D string.

"Exercise 2" contains some cool string skips that ascend through three patterns in A minor. Be sure to focus on the fact that our right hand middle finger is now completely at our beck and call. This technique is very robotic sounding and quite interesting, so good luck, and be sure to incorporate this into any scales you might know that need spicing up!

That's it for this tutorial, folks! Until next time, keep shreddin'!

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