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Tutorial - Playing Legato
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What is Legato?

Pavel Denisjuk 37 lessons

Hey there IG guitar players,

Let's start working on a very useful technique called legato. After you watch the video explanation, let's once more review the important parts of legato:

1. bring the wrist forward to obtain the optimal position for your fingers

2. remember to keep your thumb at least in the middle of the neck

3. hit the strings with the tips of your fingers

4. don't forget to mute strings you don't play with your right hand to eliminate all the unwanted noises

Following these few simple rules will sure help you to start practicing the technique the right way and improve fast.

In this particular exercise, we will work on getting your fingers to work separately from each other and get nice and clean hammer-on and pull-off sounds. You will soon notice that the pinky is really important for legato (just as for any other technique) and legato is one of the best things to play if you want to improve your pinky.

See you in the next lesson with a new exercise.

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