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Legato for Beginners - Slides

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Lastly, let's have a look at slides. Slides are pretty much the epitome of legato. The reason for that is slides are the absolute smoothest possible transition you can have from one note to another.

In order to play a slide, pick any note, then while that note is sustaining, drag your finger up or down the string to a different note.

The important goal with slides is to make sure the slide produces sound from start to finish. In order to make sure it does so, you'll need to put some decent pressure on the string while sliding to the desired note. Don't press too hard though, as that might limit the freedom of movement with your finger. Press just enough to where the notes sustain all the way through.

Practice the exercises below and get comfortable with the sliding technique. Then in our next lesson, we'll apply all the legato techniques we've learned in a single riff.

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