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Visualizing Modes Pt. II - Intro

Al Joseph 245 lessons

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I'm going to use a segment from one of my original tunes called "Desperate Times".

Here are the chords / modes / intervals:

Dm9 / Dorian / 1-9-b3-11-5-13-b7

D7b9 / Mixolydian b9(b13) / 1-b9-3-11-5-b13-b7

Gm7 / Dorian / 1-9-b3-11-5-13-b7

Ebmaj7 / Lydian / 1-2-3-#11-5-13-7

Gmaj7 / Lydian / 1-2-3-#11-5-13-7

There you have it.

I've provided the tab in the next section for the "Root Connection Study". However, unfortunately I cannot provide the tab for the actual due to legal reasons. My deepsest appologies for that :-(

On the brighter side, the point is to be able to improvise your 'own' solos using the Root Connection method I explained in the previous tutorial. Sound good?

Best of luck guys,

- AJ

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