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Timing and Note Value Alteration - Example 4

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Timing and Note Value Alteration - Example 3d-e Timing and Note Value Alteration - Part 5 Introduc...

Okay then, let's dive head first into example 4. What I've done here is I've taken the rhythmic figure from example 3a, and used it in improvisation. What you see below and in the video is me improvising over a drumbeat, and whatever I play, I hold that rhythmic figure alive. This is what you want to aim for, to be able to use this concept in actual improvisation. This example only utilizes ONE rhythmic figure, as this is a practice concept for you guys. In a real live situation, I would of course not improvise a whole solo using only one rhythm. The important thing is that I CAN do so if I wanted to. To have that rhythmical command means you will have a huge, sturdy platform on which to build your playing. So, check it out and then try to do the same thing in your own playing.

I would very much like for you to use this rhythm improvise to a drumbeat and then post it in the forum for us! I dare you =) I double dare you!

Puh! Getting hot in here! Well, why stop there? Why not even more craziness? How about we take a look at the same concept, but using strictly tapping as out technique of choice? Are you up for that? If so meet me over in part 5, and let's take this concept into the realm of tapping!!!