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Timing and Note Value Alteration - Example 6b

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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And we're at the finish line!! Time for the outro impro. Here I have improvised with tapping over a drum beat, but kept the rhythm from example 6a, regardless of what I play. Try it on, analyze it and make it your own.

After you have nailed this one, try to turn on a drum machine and keep it going with this (or another) rhythm until you drop the ball. Then pick it up and continue. This exercise, together with the one in example 4, will open up vast new potential in your improvisation. After this, nothing will be the same. Try to listen in on rhythms, mimic them in your playing, and follow along with the rhythms in the groove you play over. Experiment, and you will grow exponentially!

Good luck, and see you in a future tutorial!

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