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Threat Signal - "Fallen Disciples" Solo

Travis Montgomery 32 lessons

“Fallen Disciples” was one of the first songs written on the self-titled Threat Signal album. I was listening to a lot of Nevermore at the time, so the song and solo have quite a big Jeff Loomis sound to them. Overall the solo isn’t too tough, but there are a couple of tricky licks in there!

The hardest part of the solo is the diminished sweeping lick in the middle. I went through a couple of variations of this lick before deciding on the one that ended up on the album. I tried tapping, sliding up to another diminished arpeggio, throwing in an alternate picking lick at the top....too much! This is one of those licks that I wanted to be so clean that it sounded robotic, so I really have to focus on keeping my left and right hands in sync.

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