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Tutorial - Linear Scales
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Linear Scales - Part 2

Robert Mussatti 91 lessons

Now that you have the basic concept under your fingertips, we will now apply this idea to your box patterns and connect them together in a way that utilizes the entire fretboard. Make sure when going through these examples that you use mostly alternate picking and that you also practice these with a metronome and keep your picking hand relaxed as well.

The first example is in C Major and covers the first 12 frets using a strict 16th note pattern.

The second example is in the key of E minor and also incorporates open strings for a variation on this technique. Open strings are a good way to add spice to your playing. I use this technique often.

The third example is in the key of A Phrygian Dominant and covers most of the fretboard while incorporating a bit of string skipping as a variation.

Your ultimate goal here is to take these concepts and apply them in your own solos and also in all scales in all 12 keys. Have fun!

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