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Legato for Beginners - Legato Lick

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Legato for Beginners - Slides

Okay, it's time to put these techniques to practical use! In this lesson, we'll learn a short riff that includes all 3 legato techniques we've just learned in this tutorial: hammer ons, pull offs, and slides.

In this riff, you'll just be using your index and ring fingers to play the notes. And with your picking hand, just use all downstrokes to keep it simple. Take everything very slow when you learn this, just take it note by note. And don't take any shortcuts! Make sure each note is totally crisp and clear, and all notes are played at the same volume.

Once you have this down, the absolute best thing you can do is go create your own legato variations. Put together your own riff that uses legato techniques. Be creative, be disciplined, and have fun!