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Tutorial - Pedal Tone Legato
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Pedal Tone Legato - Exercise 2

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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We're now going to expand on the exercise we learned in Lesson 1. If you truly took the time to master the pattern in Lesson 1, then you'll definitely be ready for this exercise!

In total, there are 8 measures in this sequence. The first 4 measures are going to be played slightly different than the last 4 measures. The only difference is that we're going to be adding the open G string note as a pedal tone in the last 4 measures.

Make sure you take this exercise (and all exercises in this tutorial) measure by measure, step by step. Only proceed to the next measure after you are 100% comfortable with the measure you're already in.

Once you're ready, head on over to Lesson 3!

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