Metal Improv Series - Fretboard Knowledge

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Metal Improv Series - Development Metal Improv Series - Example No. 1

Half of the battle is knowing where to find the given notes on the fretboard. Most of us know box shapes and so on, and sometimes it's hard to escape them. However, they are needed and are often misused and abused.

"Misused" as in they are visualized perfectly but never reach your ears (we'll talk about this in the next tutorial). In other words, you have the map and know exactly where to go but are unprepared for various terrain (intervals of harmonic context).

"Abused" as in you can shred through these shapes but lack rhythmic context.

Choose a map and explore your inner rhythm. Create on the spot what you want to hear. This is a frustrating process as we already know what we want to sound like. I suggest focusing on playing very very very simply and counting ANY simple phrase as a real success...