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Tutorial - Fahrenheit
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Fahrenheit - Exercise 2

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This section is a bit more challenging than the last. We have a lot going on within the span of 4 measures, so let's take it one section at a time. You'll see in the video how I split up the riff into separate parts.

In the first section, we don't have anything too difficult. Make sure you're mindful of the pickstrokes and dead notes as you play. Also, on the 3rd beat of bar 9, you'll notice an artificial harmonic. Be sure to nail that so it sounds crystal clear. Lastly, with the last chord of the first measure, and the first chord of the second measure, we'll be playing some harmonies. First, we'll play a C with a major third harmony. Then secondly, we'll play an A with a minor third harmony.

Immediately after that, comes our big 5-string sweep with sixteenth note triplets. As usual when sweeping, make sure that the notes don't ring out. Each note needs to be completely separate. Also, you'll notice that you need to sweep on the 9th fret for the D, G, and B strings. For that part, use your middle finger to roll on the strings in order to separate the notes.

Now, let's skip ahead to bar 12, where we'll be playing a diminished, "Yngwie Malmsteen-like" sweeping pattern on 3 strings. If you've ever heard Yngwie play, then you've for sure heard a riff like this in his playing. Go very slowly and carefully through each note in this passage. There's obviously a lot going on, so take it note by note. First, use the tablature to memorize the note order and sequence. Then, use the notation and the video to nail the timing. Oh, and one more reminder, go slow! :)

I'd recommend practicing each section in this riff separately, then when each part is nailed, put it all together. Good luck! And once you have it down, head on over to the next page for the backing track.

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