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Tutorial - Howe Fusion Licks
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Howe Fusion Licks - Lick 1

Steve Hubbard 107 lessons

Hey guys,

This tutorial is a 3-lick lesson, based on one of my main influences: Greg Howe.

All of the licks work over an A minor type groove, but also use passing tones, and some outside playing. I've also noted that the licks should (or can) be played with a swing feel... A personal favorite of mine!

For this particular lick, you can see that we start things off with a diminished idea, and later resolve to a more traditional blues sound.

Technique wise, feel free to choose whatever works best for you. My technique changes, depending on the speed, tone, and feel of whatever I may be going for. If you really want to sound like Greg, try to replace a few upstrokes with hybrid picking technique.

If you haven't checked it out, please have a look at my Howe Vibrato tutorial, as it can certainly be applied to this!

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