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Super Continental - Part 6

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Super Continental - Part 5 Super Continental - Backing Track

The same problems with note value alteration as in the 5th analysis, can be found in bar 35-36.

Here I’m playing a long legato/tapping run, pretty much floating all over the place, but still keeping that 9-tuplet note value flowing. In this line though, that convenient right hand triplet trick won’t be of any help to you.

To master this run, you have to reach a level where you can play any line, or improvise freely in any note value. To do this, you need to develop an ear for the feel of a note value, just as you develop the ear for chords or notes. Not easy but it can be done. Most rock guitarist have a very under developed rhythmical sense, and just float all over the place.

To conquer this, and nail even this complicated run to the letter, go and learn my Timing and Note Value Alteration tutorial by heart.