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Richie Kotzen Style Legato: Pattern 1

Mike Salow 210 lessons

Alright this first pattern might be the most recognizable if you are familiar with Richie's playing, especially from the 1980's era Kotzen.

This is the 6 note pattern I had mentioned in the last video. As you can see in the tab this can be approached as triplets or 16th notes.

The most comfortable approach is to apply this as a triplet but I strongly encourage you to practice playing it both as a triplet and 16th note.

Doing this will only benefit you more in the long run. Not only in terms of getting this pattern down but also as being able to feel patterns in more than one rhythmic setting.

The lick I have included is a very simple approach to this pattern. When I do use this pattern it's added along with other patterns to create a more interesting and in the moment sound.

Learning how to incorporate many different patterns into one lick can lead to wonderfully creative ideas that are completely in the moment of an improvised solo so I highly recommend and encourage experimentation.

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