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Sweep-Tap 6-string Idea

Pavel Denisjuk 37 lessons

Learning certain technique can easily become boring sometimes. So to break out of a routine, we'll make it more fun by mixing up different techniques in giant licks which you can use in your solos.

So the idea behind this is to create a lick which can be played over a simple C#-minor chord. We'll use a bit of sweep picking, legato, and finger tapping to make this whole lick work smooth and tasty.

As this is an advanced/crazy lesson, I will not talk about the basics of each technique. I will just point out some important things to be on a lookout for: muting is extremely important - especially the right hand muting. Make sure to move your right hand accordingly to your left hand especially while sweeping.

While tapping - don't over-do it with the pull-off so you don't play the string you don't want to. And as you can see, our pinky works a lot here, especially on legato and slides so it's vital to practice this one slowly first to get pinky to the state where it can play the necessary frets without you thinking about it.

See you in the next sweeping lesson!

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