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Tutorial - "Up & Up"
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"Up & Up" - Performance

Mike Salow 210 lessons

"Up & Up"

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Hi guys!

For this tutorial I thought it would be fun to teach you my tune "Up & Up". I won't be covering the full song in this tutorial, just the main melody of the A & B sections. By request, I would gladly go over the rest of the song in a future tutorial!

You could say this song is very much in the style of Greg Howe and has a funk/fusion vibe to it.

The tab is 100% accurate, down to the picking pattern but feel free to pick it however you'd like.

More than anything, learning this melody will be great for improving phrasing techniques, so pay very close attention to the details in the phrasing. The phrasing in the melody really makes this tune what it is.


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