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Legato for Beginners - Pull Offs

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Now, let's focus on pull offs. With pull offs, our fingers are going to pull off the strings to produce notes.

In order to play a pull off, you'll first pick a note that one of your fret-hand fingers is holding down. Then once that note is played, that same finger will pull off the string to then sound whatever note it is being pulled off to.

When doing pull offs, it's very important to make sure your finger doesn't hit adjacent strings and create unwanted string noise. The best way to avoid that is this: Whatever finger you use to do a pull off, at the end of the pull off motion, that finger should catch on whatever string is directly below it. For example, if you pull off from a note on the D string, your finger should catch on the G string at the end of the motion. Doing this will help your finger avoid hitting other strings.

Practice the exercises tabbed below, then when you're ready, let's move on to slides.

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