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Legato for Beginners - Introduction

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Welcome to the "Legato for Beginners" tutorial. By the time you go through these lessons, you should have a solid understanding of what legato is, and how we can apply it to guitar.

So, what is legato? Legato is a characteristic in music where there is no separation between notes. In other words, where the notes sound very smooth when played together. There are certain techniques we will use to produce legato on the guitar, and we will look at those techniques individually in the following lessons.

As I emphasized in the video, what you really want to keep in mind is this: When using legato, one note will turn into the next note, rather than one note stopping, then the next note playing. You'll see more of what I mean when we look at the techniques individually.

Ready? On to the next lesson!

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