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Tutorial - Funk 101
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Funk 101 - Funk Soloing: Bonus Round 4

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

Funk 101

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Bonus Round #4

This final example has the same rhythmic approach as the previous examples, but has a more advanced and “realistic” harmonic approach. In the first bar, I begin by using the Mixo-penta scale from Bonus Round 2. But in the second bar, I shift the bass and rhythm guitar over to a D7, thus making this the I and IV chords of a funk blues progression. Notice also how I have incorporated the F# in the second bar, which is the major third of the D7. Since this note is not a part of the A minor pentatonic scale, we once again create a different vibe, just like we did with the major third. This time we get the harmonic feel and sound of a Dorian mode (F# being the 6th in relation to the root note, A). So, try this out, and then head on over to the backing tracks to apply everything you’ve learned so far!

Finally, I’d like to thank you for going through this tutorial with me, and I'll see you again in another lesson! Until then, keep your groove on!

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