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'In the style of' Guthrie Govan - Section 5

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Hang in there guys we're almost there!

This final section includes a very often used 'Guthrie-ism' in the final string skipped tapping lick.

The actual pattern is based on the pentatonic scale and the beauty of this kind of pattern is that once you have learned it on one string, when you skip strings to play it an octave higher, you play exactly the same pattern. Just take the time to checkout some of Guthrie's tapping either on studio recordings or youtube and you will find these repeating string skipped tapping patterns in abundance.

As with the previous section, it is vital that your muting skills are up to par if you want to pull these kind of licks off cleanly. As always, take your time, particularly when you change strings with the index finger, and make sure you are 100% accurate with you finger positioning whilst maintaining absolute clarity.

Great Job, you've made it!

OK, your next task is to record it and show everone your talents by posting it in the forums.

Nice one, see you there!

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